Frequently asked questions:

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Is this a scam?

Absolutely not! In fact you have stumbled across one of the easiest ways to receive free Lego on the internet. If we didn't send out Lego we would soon disappear from the internet, because people wouldn't trust us. This is a legitimate offer, known as "incentivized marketing" - a bit of internet searching should reveal that well known organisations such as the BBC have confirmed it is all above board.

Lego sets cost hundreds of pounds how can you send them out for free?

Good question! Of course nobody can afford to send everybody Lego just for visiting a website (we wish we could!) - so there is a little bit of work needed. You will need to complete one of our offers (these usually involve signing up for a free trial, or signing up to another website). You then need to get some of your friends to sign up to the site and do the same. By completing the sponsored offers we get a commission - which pays for your Lego.

But how will you know how many people I have signed up? I bet you just turn around and say they found the site on their own...

When you sign up you are given a unique link to the website which you must use to refer your friends. Our system then tracks everything to ensure you get credit for the friends you refer.

So how long will it take me to receive my free Lego?

It all depends on how long it takes you to refer the friends needed to get your chosen Lego. Completing an offer takes around 10 minutes, then you just need your friends to do the same. Obviously the more expensive the RRP of the Lego you have chosen, the more friends you need to refer to get it. With hard work and perseverance you could have your free Lego approved within a month.

What if I don't refer enough friends in time?

There is no time limit on this offer, if it takes you two weeks or two years to refer the required number of friends you will still receive your free Lego.

I'm convinced! How do I sign up?

Great stuff! Just click here to be taken to our signup page and select the Lego you would like to get the ball rolling. We look forward to sending you your chosen Lego, 100% free of charge.